Share: Giving is better than getting

Under the aegis of “giving is always better than receiving”, we need to admit that sharing what you have is a wonderful thing. If you adopt the mindset of sharing what you have, you will notice that people around you will return your shared assets and ideas, as life endeavors reciprocity.

While for some people sharing is the most natural thing in life, you might have already experienced that some others stubbornly stick to their assets, objects and knowledge, having a firm grip on them, trying not to let them go. People are crazy about possessing things, as they believe the more they possess, the more powerful they are, and they assume that will make them happy.

However, the case is that research has already showed that those who share are happier than those who don’t.

“When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.” — Howard Schultz

The practice of sharing what you have, let that be valuables or knowledge, kindness or smile, anything, immediately generates positive feelings. You will be happy because you shared something, and the other half will be happy because they received something. It is as simple as that.

Our possessions keep growing. You might well know the feeling of having an object that you don’t use anymore, but you just stick to it, because you received it from somebody you like, or you believe it is better to save it for worse days. But think about it, do you really need that thing? It lays at the bottom of your drawer or collects dust at the back of your shelf. Somebody might be happy with it, probably you would not even notice it if you did not have it, but somebody else would go crazy to have it.

What about knowledge? Have you ever met people, who knew something but did not share it? It is because they are afraid that if others knew what they do, if others could learn those skills, their position at their workplace or role in the society would be undermined. They are afraid of becoming redundant. What they don’t realize, however, is that if you share knowledge, you teach others. If knowledge is shared, others will return the favor with sharing their knowledge, and you should not forget that we can all teach something the other has no idea of. Intellectual interactions can create sparks that can lead to the mutual establishment of ideas, which can change the world.

Don’t be envy, feel free to share what you have. If people see how generous you are, sooner or later they will be copying your behavior. “Monkey see, monkey do”, as the saying goes and it is true. Don’t be afraid to break the ice. Share and teach other how to share, and how good it feels.

Obviously, do not push too far. You should not give away everything you have, realizing once that you have nothing left. Share until it is comfortable for you, but don’t give away anything you feel you are not able to live without.


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