Slow Life

Revolutionize your fruity habits

Sometimes it feels we have just gotten used to things around us and we take them for granted. Think of fruits, for example. We just grab them from the shelves at the deli, pay for them and munch them away on the run, while fiddling with our phones or balancing between cars. In five minutes we might not even remember that we have eaten anything. However, fruits could give us much more if we took the time to pay attention to them.

How many times has it happened that fruits got rotten in the fruit basket of our homes or in the fridge. Additionally, we sometimes just eat them without even noticing the myriad of perks fruit can give us. Followingl are listed some habits to juice up your fruit eating and appreciation practices.

Take your time

Slow down with your fruits. When you eat fruits give yourself a five-minute break. Pay attention to nothing else but the fruit. All your focus should fall onto the fruit you are dealing with. Make those five minutes the most important five minutes of your day.

Smell and touch

The very first step of eating is the cephalic phase when the smell and sight of food prepare the body for digestion. If you grab an apple while looking at the computer screen and shovel it in, you are killing the very first phase of digestion. Take your time with it and before munching it, turn it around in your hand. Pay special attention to the texture of the fruit. Is it smooth or rough? Soft or hard? Then feel free to smell it before you open it up, or bite into it. Recognize the different scents the fruit gives you.

Be a creative cutter/peeler

Experiment with how you peel or cut up the fruit you are about to eat. There are so many ways you can cut an apple for example. Make each ‘encounter’ different and exciting. And also, research whether you absolutely need to peel the fruit, or the skin can be eaten as well. For example, the fuzzy skin of kiwi is not only edible but is said to be loaded with Vitamin C and fibers. Though many don’t like it due to its bitter taste.


When biting into the fruit notice the sound it makes. Pay attention to the sensations the fruit causes in your mouth. Focus on its juices or chunks. Pay attention to how the texture changes. Once again, now that the fruit is opened, smell it while chewing on it. Notice how the smell and the taste come together in harmony.

Drink it

Find ways to combine your fruit with other foods and goods. For example, let them soak in a bottle of cold water that you drink for the day. Flavors will inevitably evaporate into your drink,  and will also make your drink taste fresher. After you had a few rounds of drink, you can eat the cold fruit that is still tasty.

Go veggie

If you are a fan of vegetables, repeat the same processes with vegetables. Cucumber, for example, gives an especially nice touch to water, and is very healthy. If you feel hungry try eating some carrots, or other fresh and crunchy veggies instead of the sugar and additive-filled sweets.


Never forget to appreciate the fruit you are eating. Mother nature has produced it for you, packing it full of yummy flavors and beneficial nutrients. Be glad for it and be committed to sharing it with your peers.

If you are interested in a guided meditation built on eating fruits, check out Excel at Life’s entry, as they are offering a short, yet wonderful, guided meditation for eating fruits.



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