How to prevent the ‘ultimate icebreaker’ from ruining your day

No matter if you love it or hate it, the weather has been the ultimate icebreaker for people starting a conversation. And it is not a surprise if you think about that our rural ancestors depended on weather way more than we do in our consumption-based 21st century.  Nevertheless, weather can still have a massive impact on our mood unless we acknowledge its subconscious effects and learn to ignore it.

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Wired to complain?

Sometimes it feels that we are wired to complain. Or rather, it feels that people need to inevitably complain about something in the framework of a normal small talk. Like if it was shameful if somebody was happy with or grateful for what they have. Are we afraid that people will be envious of our happiness? Or do we just need sympathy? 

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Learn to be grateful and make your life happier

Sometimes we can easily arrive at the erroneous conclusion that we are not grateful for things around us because life is not providing us with assets that we should be grateful for. However, our lack of gratitude comes clearly from ignorance, and if we paid attention to what assets lie around us for real, we will truly see that there is just a myriad of things that we can be grateful for if we know how to be so.

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Slow Life

Revolutionize your fruity habits

Sometimes it feels we have just gotten used to things around us and we take them for granted. Think of fruits, for example. We just grab them from the shelves at the deli, pay for them and munch them away on the run, while fiddling with our phones or balancing between cars. In five minutes we might not even remember that we have eaten anything. However, fruits could give us much more if we took the time to pay attention to them.

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Share: Giving is better than getting

Under the aegis of “giving is always better than receiving”, we need to admit that sharing what you have is a wonderful thing. If you adopt the mindset of sharing what you have, you will notice that people around you will return your shared assets and ideas, as life endeavors reciprocity.

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‘What do you desire?’

I sort of accidentally stumbled upon Alan Watts’ speech about how chasing money can step into the way in trying to reach what we truly desire. The truth of his words can clearly be seen as a motivational speech. As his speech has been circulated over the internet many times — and is highly considered  genius — I found no reason to edit it. Therefore let me share it with you in its pure transcription. Enjoy. Continue reading “‘What do you desire?’”