How to prevent the ‘ultimate icebreaker’ from ruining your day

No matter if you love it or hate it, the weather has been the ultimate icebreaker for people starting a conversation. And it is not a surprise if you think about that our rural ancestors depended on weather way more than we do in our consumption-based 21st century.  Nevertheless, weather can still have a massive impact on our mood unless we acknowledge its subconscious effects and learn to ignore it.

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Learn to be grateful and make your life happier

Sometimes we can easily arrive at the erroneous conclusion that we are not grateful for things around us because life is not providing us with assets that we should be grateful for. However, our lack of gratitude comes clearly from ignorance, and if we paid attention to what assets lie around us for real, we will truly see that there is just a myriad of things that we can be grateful for if we know how to be so.

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